ok so I have neglected this blog and for that I am so sorry!! I actually started another blog to track my fitness and weight loss! It has been such a great motivation.  Now for the good news! I AM ENGAGED!! yep that's right. I said yes!  I hope to be making lots of posts in the future keeping yall' updated on my wedding process.  This is such a big mile stone for me and I want to share with yall'!

Update on what been going on since he popped the question!! We are having our first party!! An engagement party for our immediate family and close friends.  When is this happening....next month! yay!! I am super excited for this afternoon because we are going to registry at our first place!

I'll let yall' know how that goes tomorrow! =)



A lot of things have happened in my past.  Some I am proud of, some not so proud of and others that have depressed me.  So I had a job that I had been working at since I was in the 8th grade.  Was very loyal to the company.  Come to find out my loyalty didn't matter. period. 

I am a true believer that the day will come when you find out just who your friends are.  That day has came and went for me.  I do believe we will fix our friendship one day.  Just taking things day by day.

Got into nursing school. Was doing just fine until one of my finals rolled around.  Made a 69 and had to start over. So I made the decision to put school on hold. (:tear:)

Presently my life is back on the right track! (thank god) Got a new job and I'm loving it! Well actually 2 jobs! Yay Me! A friend of mine moved back and I'm super excited!! The boyfriend is absolutely amazing! I couldn't ask for anyone better! 

As for the future, I see great things happening for me! I plan to get back into school and finish my decree.  Friends will come and go but the ones that mean the most will still be there!  I will be married to my best friend! Maybe children...just not so sure about that yet. Good things are in store! =)



I gave in...

I've heard my boss talk about this whole blogging thing.  Was a little unsure about it at first. Decided what the heck!  Checked her's out (here). Feelings now: I think I'm going to LOVE it! Facebook is getting boring anyways. hah. Don't get me wrong though, I am a frequent facebook user.


So I was reading some info on the Internet about blogging. I know. nerdy. I am an over-achiever. First picking the name.  I never knew picking a blog name was so intensive. hah! done. Next deciding what you want your blog about. Well that's easy. ME!

With that being said, since I just started my entries will be past and present. So excited! Thanks Pam! =)

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